How Do I Make My PC Bluetooth Compatible?


You cannot make your PC Bluetooth compatible. You can however install a Bluetooth software program that will enable your PC to send and receive data sent via Bluetooth if your PC has no factory loaded Bluetooth. You can also purchase a Bluetooth toggle. It is a storage device that you can insert into a USB port of your computer so that it can send and receive data via Bluetooth.
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1. Install the software that came with the Bluetooth dongle. If your Bluetooth adapter came with a CD or DVD disc, insert it into your optical drive. Wait for the autorun to start
Bluetooth headphones are often compatible with several electronics. These include iphones, play station 3s, ipods, multimedia players, televisions and car radios.
There is a long list of bluetooth printers, but you could always make your
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How to Make My PC Bluetooth Compatible
Most new laptops come with Bluetooth already installed and activated, but if you have an older model or a desktop without Bluetooth, you can easily install it on your own by purchasing a small USB Bluetooth adapter called a "dongle" that can be plugged... More »
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To know if your PC has bluetooth, simply click on start menu, control panel then click on network and internet. If you see bluetooth devices options, you have ...
The main advantages of Bluetooth are that it’s compatible and wireless. The disadvantages include that Bluetooth devices tend to be more expensive and ...
To use a USB Bluetooth dongle; insert it into your PC or laptop, click Next to install the blue tooth drivers, and then right click on the blue tooth and select ...
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