How Do I Make Myself Burp?


It is not very difficult to make yourself burp. First you have to drink a lot of carbonated beverages. then when you feel the carbonation building up in your throat you can burp very loudly.
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The best way to make yourself burp is to drink a cola soda or a ginger ale soda. Once you drink it, the acid will help you to burp. This is my personal method to help me burp.
If guzzling soda pop or beer doesn't work for you, then I have no suggestions for you
First, grow up as only a severely immature person would ask such a question. Second . learn the difference between a burp and a fart. Clearly, with your level of ignorance as demonstrated
There are 5 simple steps that you can follow in order to burp: 1) When you are lying down you are less likely to burp. Therefore stand up or at least sit. 2) Drink a heavily carbonated
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A burp is a sound made when gas is expelled from the stomach through the mouth. Also referred to as a belch, a burp is caused by swallowing air while eating or ...
One popular way to get yourself to burp is to drink a soda like a cola or ginger ale. The carbonation in these types of drinks will aid in your efforts. ...
Burping is a verb that refers to the noisily release of air from the stomach through the mouth. It is also called belching and done in infant babies. It helps ...
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