How do I Make Sizzurp?


First off, it is illegal to use cough syrup to get a buzz and it's illegal to use a prescription that isn't yours. That being said, sizzurp (aka purple drank) is cough syrup that contains codeine mixed with soda, often grape or lemon-lime. Mix them together and put it over ice.
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Here is athe Sizzurp recipe: Promethazine w/Codeine syrup. Any fruit flavored soda. A jolly rancher.
1 Chill all ingredients. Cough medicine containing codeine is generally used, but over the counter cough medicine will work also. Soda can be of any variety but generally grape or
Sizzurp: The original formula: Promethazine w/Codeine syrup Any fruit flavored soda A jolly
Sizzurp is slang for a combo of Promethazine with codeine, fruit flavored soda, & a jolly rancher.
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Mix cough syrup with juice or soda. Mixing cough syrup with juice or carbonated soda will make a sweet drink with some drug like effects. Some people drink sizzurp out of baby bottles or sippy cups.
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