How do i make stamped tile coasters?


Homemade stamp tile coasters are an inexpensive craft project that you can make for your home or give as a gift. If you have leftover 4x4 tiles from projects around your house you can use those or you can buy tile at your local hardware store. Stamp your tiles with StazOn ink and the stamp of your preference and let dry overnight. When your initial stamp is dry you can add fill-in colors with other StazOn inks and let dry. Bake your tiles in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes to seal the color and keep them from fading.
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1. Clean the surface of the tiles with a damp paper towel. Allow the tiles to dry completely. 2. Ink the stamps thoroughly with your choice of ink. Solvent-based ink pads work well
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One of the first things that popped into my mind when I decided to make some Scrabble tile crafts was drink coasters. I figured it would be a fast and easy way to make custom coasters
If you are looking for a home project that is both functional and easy to do, you can’t go wrong with slate tile coasters. They add protection to your table surfaces and can
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How to Make Stamped Tile Coasters
Create your own decorative coasters by hand-stamping tiles from a home improvement store. Select tumbled, unglazed tiles to make stamped tiles that are thick and also have some absorbency. Acrylic stamps and ink pads are available at most craft stores in... More »
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You can make your own tile coasters easily with plain ceramic tiles and colored permanent markers. Decorate the tiles however you wish with the markers, then place ...
If you want to make coffee table coasters you can go to the hardware store and buy pieces of bathtub tile. Pick the small square ones and then glue felt to the ...
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