How Do I Make Synthetic Cream for Cakes?


Synthetic or artificial cream is an imitation of cream made for non-dairy fats. To make some, soften some gelatine in some cold water and in a separate bowl, mix some dry milk, ice water and confectioner's sugar. Mix it up with an electric mixer till it's foamy. With the motor running, pour the gelatine down the side of the bowl while beating the mixture till iot becomes the texture of whipped cream then beat in some vanilla. If it's not for immediate use, be sure to refrigerate it.
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began with 'Dex. i think, i used it in hospital catering 80's. its still about my mom baught some this weekend from a bakers in stourport. it starts life as thickish gell/paste you
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first take egg white and sugar mix it in mixer. then add white butter and vanilla essence. mix all the ingredients until froth comes out. your cake cream is ready.
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