How Do I Match a License Plate to a Person?


Only law enforcements agencies are allowed to match a licence plate to someone. That kind of information is private and is protected by the data protection act.
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1. Call, write or visit the Department of Motor Vehicles for the rules on number of letters, number/letter combinations and taboo words. 2. Decide what activity, business or person
1 Register your car, motorcycle, truck or trailer with the state of Georgia, if your vehicle is not presently registered. In some cases, those registering for the first time must
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To match a license plate to a person free of charge would be illegal. The police can do it free of charge but an average citizens cannot perform this action. ...
To create a personalized license plate contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. You can request personalized plates. ...
1. Locate your state's driving authority website or nearest local branch. You can customize your license plate (also called a vanity plate) through your state's ...
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