How Do I MOD My Own Trucks?


Look in junk and salvage yards for parts you do not have after buying the engine and frame. Beds, fenders, cabs and wheels can easily be found in these locations. Look for body parts with little or no rust or dents. This helps eliminate extra restoration work. It doesn't matter what the color is because you will be painting the truck at the end, unless you are lucky to find similar color schemes. Start replacing old mechanical parts for new at this point. Work with getting the engine components replaced first. Then work with any moving parts outside of the engine. Once completed, start the engine to make sure all the parts work from headlights to windshield wipers to turn signals.
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You can customize your truck in your own garage. It is as easy as knowing how to follow directions and be a little bit inclined toward mechanics.
1. Place the PS3 Dual Shock game controller face down on a table. Remove the screws from the sides, top and bottom edges, using a Phillips jeweler's screwdriver. Gather the screws
1 Download 7-Zip. If you don't already have it, you can find it at
PACCAR, Inc. On top of Kenworth, they also own Peterbilt, and a Dutch lorry manufacturer known as DAF.
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