How Do I Modify My Air Rifle?


Also you just don't 'lube your gun well.' If you get grease or oil in your chamber you can burn the piston seal. You just don't use any kind of 'grease or oil' to lube the gun also. There is a special kind of moly that use use for the spring and in the piston chamber. Many rookies don't know this and ruin their guns because of this, I saw it many times, and then ask me to fix it. Sure I'll fix it, and it aint cheap. So before you get in over your head, like most of these rookies do, I suggest that you are prepared to dish out some bucks and have a pro do the tune for you.
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1. Press the magazine release button behind the trigger and remove the magazine. Remove the top screw on the magazine and pull the bottom piece of the magazine out. 2. Hold your thumb
Search the web. There are shops all over the place that modify air guns. (air gun repair) They modify the trigger and several of the internal PCP parts for more accuracy. A simple
1. Get a nylon string longer than your rifle's barrel. The longer the better. 2. Break the barrel and pass the string from one end to the other. 3. Tie a piece of wet rag to one of
>how can I modify my air rifle to a air rifle shotgun< No "modifications" are necessary if you own a .22 caliber air rifle. >ammo. Gamo
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There are a number of modifications you can put on an air rifle, from the type of air pump it has to the strength of the pins and springs in the trigger, all it ...
There are many varieties of air rifles available in the UK. One of the largest gun sellers of both regular guns and air rifles is Sportsman Gun Centre Limited. ...
1. Upgrade your sniper rifle barrel. The smaller the bore of the barrel the better the accuracy of the projectiles. Tighter bore barrels will keep the projectiles ...
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