How Do I Move a Light Switch?


To move a light switch, start by turning off the power to the switch at the beaker. Remove the switch from the wall and then drill a hole where the switch will be moved and then trace the electric outlet. Put in a wire into a box, install the box and strip it. Take off all the wires from the old box and put them in the new box then patch the drywall. Lastly, install a blank outlet cover to the old switch hole.
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1. Turn on the light controlled by the switch to make sure it has a good bulb. Turn off the breaker that controls the power to the switch. This is a critical step. Verify that the
Learning how to wire a light switch is a skill that can come in very handy around the house. Following these instructions will help you to wire a two-way (on/off) switch for a light
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1. Turn off the power to the circuits. Do this by turning off the circuit breaker in the breaker box. You'll be working with 12/2 cable, which is standard housing wiring and has 3
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How to Move a Light Switch
Moving a light switch that is poorly located is not that difficult. You may want to lower it, raise it, move it nearer to a door or to a different wall. You can even place it in another room. If you proceed methodically, you can complete this task safely... More »
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A two way switch works by moving the current to one wire or the other. If the two switches are attached to the wire, current flows onto it and off it into the ...
The standard height of light switches in the US is 48 inches off the ground. There is no real law or rule governing the position of a light switch in a room but ...
You need to have room for a switch in current outlet box. Insert a switch into empty place. Connect Live wire to a terminal of switch. Another terminal of switch ...
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