How Do I Open a Car Hood If the Latch Is Broken?


A broken car hood latch can be opened by using a screwdriver to manually move the latch free from the hood hook. When the screwdriver is inserted, push down on the hood very slightly to remove the tension.
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1. Look through the grill and locate the hood locking mechanism. It will be in the middle of the car, directly under the front of the hood. 2. Bend the end of the aluminum wire around
try the door.
It can be a pain, even for a skill mechanic, BUT you have to get under and trip the leaver or sometime if the cable broke on the inside you can strip the cable shroud and use plyers
That's a pain. If you pull the release can you feel it trying to work, or does the handle come out and won't go back in? If the latter is true the cable is probably snapped (not too
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How to Open a Car Hood If the Latch Is Broken
The hood latch on any car is used to connect the hood release cable to the hood locking mechanism. If it breaks you will no longer be able to open the hood using the hood release in the inside of the car, which will be problematic the next time you have... More »
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You can use a some pliers and aluminum wire to open a car hood if the latch is broken. You will also need a light to shine towards the latch. Try to connect the wire around the latch that will release the hook for the hood. You can find more information at
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