How Do I Open a Locked File Cabinet?


Open a locked file cabinet without a key by tilting up the front of the cabinet and pushing up the lever located near the front on the bottom of the cabinet. The lever will release the lock and the cabinet will open. You can also break the lock with a screwdriver or power drill if you cannot located the lever.
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The lock mechanism in most filing cabinets works by lowering a metal bar that runs the length of the cabinet, preventing the drawers from opening. If you push the bar up, the drawers
"To break the lock is only one option if it is worth, I can suggest you to use electronic lockers, instead of simple locks, which i have been using from 5years bought from http
Have you tried the keys to other cabinets? Most brands have only a small set of keys, each of which fits many cabinets. Failing that, with most cabinets, if you don't mind the mess,
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If you have an inexpensive file cabinet, I would try using a paper clip to unlock the file cabinet. If that doesn't work, you may need to call a locksmith to unlock it.
To open a locked file cabinet without a key you are going to need some tools. You will need to drill out the lock. Once the lock is drilled out you will need a crowbar to open the drawers.
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There are many different types of file cabinet keys, but you can find out which one by determining the prefix or suffix directly on the face of the key lock. By ...
Filing cabinets often use simple locks, so it’s possible to open them with a small, thin metal instrument such as the scraper on a nail clipper.Filing-cabinet ...
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