How Do I Optimise My Internet Connection?


To optimize on your internet connection, log in using the administrator profile, click Start menu and then run. Enter gpedit.msc in the Run and enter to open the Local Computer Policy dialogue box. Enlarge the Administrative Templates branch and open the 'Network' 'QOS Packet Scheduler.' Double click on the Limit reservable bandwidth, click 'enable' in the dialogue box that appears and enter 0 in the number of packets box. Click 'Apply' then 'OK 'and then computer Start Menu, My Network Connections, View Network Connections and Properties and enable the QOS packet scheduler.
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Choosing the best internet connection is important. Many believe high speed internet from the cable company is fastest, but some think broadband internet from their phone company
Setting up an Internet connection requires three basic pieces of hardware: a computer, a modem and a network card. The modem deciphers the information that comes through the cable
Choose Internet connections between five hundred kilobits per second and one megabit per second for voice-over-internet-protocol or VOIP telephone calls, text email, text and stationary
1. Subscribe to a cable Internet service. Contact your local cable company to find cable Internet providers in your area. The cable company will ship you a cable modem installation
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