How Do I Pass the Limra Test?


To pass the Limra test, you can take commercially-developed practice tests. But, remember, the test is designed not to test specific knowledge as much as it tests how your personality profile matches successful people in the insurance industry. People with strong opinions on many topics and who don't like to follow orders don't often do well on this test.
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I've been greeted with this test so many times I can't begin to tell you. companies that hire based on this faulty easily misunderstood poor excuse for a measurment will one day find
1. Go to the DMV website (link listed in the resources section) Choose your state from the green map and click on it to find the guide for your state. 2. Look under the resources
1. Practice - This is a given, but many people don't know exactly how to practice for this part of the test. It's unlike the road test, so driving on the road won't help as much as
1. Evaluate each question carefully. Though a question may seem innocent on the surface, this psychological test looks for certain types of employees. According to a January, 2002
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