How Do I Play DVDs on My Computer?


You can play DVDs on your computer as long as you have a media player programme. You should also ensure that you have a DVD-ROM drive in which you will put your disc. Having done this, your media player dialog box will pop up on your screen. Select okay and enjoy your movie.
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1. Insert the DVD into your DVD drive. Wait for the Sony player to start. If the player starts, you can click on "Play" and watch the video. If it does not start, you will
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1. See if your car has a DVD player. Some newer cars have DVD players in them, most come with headphones in case you want to hear the movie privately. Ad. 2. Bring a laptop. Most
Ubuntu can play DVDs. But Ubuntu doesn't include non-free content if you make a default install, and decoding libraries for DVDs are some of these pieces. So it's more correct to
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To play a DVD on your computer first insert the DVD into your computer and if nothing happens, open my computer, right-click your DVD drive, and then click auto play. If prompted, click play DVD video using windows media player and select the always do the always do the selected action check box. Then click OK.
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