How Do I Play Mp4 Files on Windows Media Player?


Windows Media Player MP4 Codec software enables one to play MP4 files on Windows Media Player. The sotware can be downloaded from the website 'tech-faq' and installed with the player to activate the function in the player.
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1. Download and install the K-lite codec pack (see resources) This provides the necessary splitters and codecs required for viewing the file type. 2. Restart the computer to allow
Hope you had visited this or else download this codec and try to play or try using this third party
There is a really easy way to do this which avoids all the rubish of codecs. All you have to do is go to Download the super fast media player an then use it to play
You need to download a codec pack. I had the same problem until I installed the codecs.…
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Windows Media Player does not support mp4 files by default. You will need to download and install the codecs that will allow you to play the mp4 files on your computer.
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