How Do I Play Squash?


To play squash, stand on the T and get your racquet back with the head up. You can begin with a forehand or backhand. Watch the ball in your tossing hand and get ready to hit the ball onto the far left side of the front wall.
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How to Play Squash
The game of squash is simple to learn and is a wonderful way to get in shape and stay fit. It can be played as a relaxing pastime or as a competitive sport and accommodates mixed teams as well as individuals. There is little equipment needed and the... More »
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The rules to squash or fairly straightforward. You play in a room with four walls and hit the ball against the wall above a specific "foul" line. Once the ball hits the
1. Learn the rules of the game. You can do research online, look in a book or ask a fellow squash player for an explanation of the rules. 2. Begin the rally. The game requires two
squash is played in over 140 countries nationwide and was started officially played over 140 years ago! WOW.
No answers to San Francisco, but we have a lively club in San Diego that have a fair amount of VC investors and other businessmen. There's also an urban squash program that is always
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To play squash, you need to learn the rules of the game. Squash is a simple to learn sport and is a great way to stay fit and get into shape. Squash is played ...
Squash is a game that has a number of rules, some of which include: the lines around the court mark the demarcations of play, the winner of the toss decides where ...
Squash is a high speed requite sport which is played by two or four players in a four walled court with a small rubber ball that is hollow. As or May 2012 the ...
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