How do I pluck a goose?


When plucking a goose, first cut the wings and head. If you are using your hand to pluck, take most of the outer feathers off back, tails and flanks. Prepare a mixture of water and pound paraffin. Boil this water until all the paraffin melts. Let it cool for about 10 minutes and then submerge it in the bucket so that when you get it out, the feathers are down and coated with paraffin. Finally remove the feathers and peel off the wax. There is also the electric method which you can try out.
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1. To pick a goose is a rather bloody mess, so it would help to do this on a piece of old plywood, or the tailgate of your truck. Have paper towels and a garbage bag handy. Ad. 2.
By plucking the feathers.
You would pluck a goose because you were going to eat it. You typically don't eat the
use a scald soaking goose in vat of water at 185 degrees and add some liquid soap to water so water penetrates feathers . after a few minutes test feathers on breast and they should
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