How Do I Program a Hitachi Remote?


To program a Hitachi remote, first turn on the appliance which you wish to program. Then locate the code set button that is found near the top on the remote control. Next choose the type of appliance that you want to program and enter the correct code. This code should match the manufacturer of the appliance and the model that you want to programme. Finally, click on the off button and the remote will now work with your appliance.
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How Do I Program a Hitachi Remote?
You can use your Hitachi TV remote to control other electronic components connected to the TV. Programming the remote takes a few seconds and allows you to control several components without the need to switch to different remotes. The Hitachi remote... More »
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Programming a remote control requires you to know the three digit control code for the product you wish to use the remote on. These codes can be found online, as well as in the instruction manual for your remote control. Without these codes you typically will find it impossible to program your remote. You can find more information at reviews. cnet. com/4520-10165_7-5643378-1. html
In order to program a Hitachi remote control you will need to sync the remote with your television system. Make sure to follow all instructions that the manufacturer sent to you.
In order to program your Hitachi remote you have to first find the model number. Now go to the Hitachi website and search by model number the link should pull up with instructions.
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1. Turn on the component to be programmed, such as the television, stereo or DVD player. Make sure the component is in its normal "On" state. 2. Press the "Code Set
Universal remote controls are gaining popularity, especially as households start filling up with various appliances that require their own remote control. With a universal remote
Here are the codes to try with your Hitachi TV: 585, 665, 638, 669, 670, 672, 702, 500, 636, or 726. Here is the instructions for programming the remote to your TV: Remotes: Basic
Press "Code Set" button on your Hitachi remote. Press button for th...
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You can program a Hitachi remote using the code for your appliance. Turn on the device you are programming. Then press the function button for the device on the ...
A Hitachi TV remote is a Sony universal remove. There are six steps to programing the remote. You will need both the component and your remote on in order to program ...
To program a Hitachi remote control, one needs to have access to the codes for various devices like DVD players, TVs, and VCRs. These codes can be found in the ...
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