How Do I Program a Toshiba Remote Control?


In order to program a Toshiba remote control, you need to follow the instructions that accompany the TV remote in the manual. Usually, Toshiba remote controls will only work with Toshiba TVs. Toshiba does not produce a line of universal remotes unfortunately.
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How to Program a Toshiba Remote Control
To use a new or replacement TV, DVD or VHS remote control, you may have to program the remote to the device first. Your Toshiba remote control will come with a manual or card with instructions on how this is done. If you have lost that manual and... More »
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Programming your remote control requires usually a three digit code that's unique to every product that the remote can control. This code tells the remote what it's working with, and helps it find the product. These codes can be found online in certain areas, as well as in the user manual that came with the remote, and are required to do the final programming. You can find more information at www. remotecentral. com/features/remotes. htm
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