How do i program my cablevision remote?


The Cablevision Remove, number UR2-CBL-CV04, is made to control a cable box and a television. You can program the remote to control your television even if you have lost the guide to the television codes that was provided with the new remote. To program your television without knowing your TV code, follow these steps: *Turn on the television you wish to control *Press and hold both the TV button and the Select button for three seconds, until the iO button is lit *While the iO button is lit, hold either the Channel Up or Channel Down button until the TV turns off *When TV turns off, release the Channel button *Press the TV button to save the code, and the iO button will blink twice to confirm a saved code, and you are finished.

For full instructions and a list of TV codes, visit

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With the Cablevision remote, you can control all the necessary components of your home entertainment system on one remote. This eleiminates the need to fumble around with a different
Make sure the cable box to be used is DVR-ready and that the remote control has
Turn on the TV. Hold the TV and SEL buttons simultaneously. (The iO button will turn red.) Enter your TV brand's three-digit code from the chart below, which turns the TV off. If
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