How Do I Program My Uniden Scanner?


To program a Uniden Scanner, simply download the programming software. The program is free of cost. After downloading, load the software file constituting the frequencies into the software program of your computer.
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1. Assign a number, starting at 1, to each of the scanner frequencies. This number will represent the location of the frequency in the scanner's memory. 2. Turn the Uniden scanner
it takes a 8 digit number example 1550.0100 palestine Texas.
This scanner is only manually programmable. Turn unit on. Hit manual. hit 1 manual. then you can enter your frequency. hit 1 6 2 . 5 5 hit enter or E. hit manual to advance to the
Mere colour tv me ak line bicho bich ata hai usako thoda hilane per pura scrin ata hai kay kare
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