How Do I Prune an English Laurel?


Use electric hedge trimmers to prune English Laurel. Hold the electric trimmer blades vertically at the bottom of one side of the shrub and move the trimmers slowly upward along the side of the cherry laurel, angling them in slightly at the upper section of the shrub. The angle cut should be subtle to give the cherry laurel a polished look.
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1. Wait until the late spring or early summer to prune the English laurel, which is when it stops flowering. Do not wait later than this, or you will remove the next year's flower
Prunus laurocerasus.
Top - bottom They are tough shrubs - you won't harm it... I have several of these in my garden and I always cut from the top - mine are now thick and healthy and cut into square shapes
Hojas de laurel translates to English as: bay leaves. is here 24/7!
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English laurel is often pruned to make a dense hedge. You should prune it after flowering.
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