How Do I Pull a Coin out of Thin Air?


Begin the magic trick with a coin in the centre of your palm up hand. Make sure the coin is in the position of and the fleshy part of the thumb should keep it secure in the hand by pushing it towards the centre of the palm. Pretend to toss the coin into the other hand. But make sure it remains in the same palm. The area in the base of your palm will grip and hold the coin in the same position when the hand muscles are flexed. Close the hand that seems to hold the coin and remove the coin in the other hand somehow through magic.
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1. Place a coin in the palm of your hand. Nestle it against the butt of the palm, between the meaty part underneath the thumb and the muscle along the bottom of the palm underneath
1. Palm a coin. Start by opening your palm. Ad. 2. Place the coin in your palm. 3. Move your thumb towards the center of the palm, wedging the coin in your hand. 4. Back-palm a coin
To make something appear from nothing.
You will only need a deck of regular playing cards. I recommend bic...
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How to Pull a Coin Out of Thin Air
Many magic tricks rely on sleight of hand and misdirection to create a successful illusion. While sleight-of-hand tricks can impress your audience, the skill requires a lot of practice to master. One of the staples of sleight-of-hand tricks is palming... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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