How Do I Purge a Propane Tank?


Upon buying a new propane tank it needs to be purged to release the air already inside the tank. A special adapter is needed to allow a small amount of propane into it. The pressure then pushes air out of a one-way bleeder valve.
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1. Connect a used but full propane tank to your new propane tank with a connecting line featuring a regulator and a bleed port with a dual-purge valve. 2. Slide the connecting line
only a qualified employee of a gas company should attempt to purge new tanks.
1. Inspect the cylinder. Before filling any propane tank there must be a proper visual inspection of the cylinder. Look for any damages such as deep dents or areas of heavy rust.
Inside a propane tank, you are not dealing exclusively with a gas. As you add propane gas to an empty tank, at first the pressure will increase. However, once a certain pressure is
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How to Purge a Propane Tank
New propane tanks are easy to obtain at your local home and garden store, but they do not come ready to be filled with propane. Unless you're purchasing a used propane tank that's already full from a propane exchange, you'll need to purge the propane... More »
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