How Do I Put a Charge on a Property?


You can put a charge on a property after making the necessary application for such an order, following a court judgement in your favour. The application process includes filling an application form for a charging order on land or property.
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To put a charge on a property, you must first go to the court and get a form for “Charging Order on Land or Property”. This form contains all the important information. Submit the form. The Interim Charging Order form is purchased from the court as well. Lastly receive the “Final Charging Order, “as this will be given to you after attending the hearing. Provide a copy of this form to the Land Registry.
To apply for a charging order, you must complete Form N379, which is application for charging order on property or land and you can get a copy free from any county court. You will need details of the judgment, the full name and address of the judgment debtor, the amount of the judgment and the address of the property or land on which you want to impose a charge. Other needed information is the details of any other creditors you know the judgment debtor has, details of any other person who has an interest in the property, details of any additional reasons and also details of any additional reasons.
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