How Do I Put a Curse on Someone?


There are various ways of putting a curse on someone among them being the Mulkrin’s 4-point plan. This involves rising from your bed at midnight and sitting cross-legged on the floor in a dark, empty room then whispering the words: “Evil, live, live, evil”. While doing this, you should visualize great harm coming to the person you curse.
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In order to put a curse on someone, all you have to do, says famed sorcerer and occult author Damien Mulkrin, is resign yourself to the fact that vengeance is the only thing that will make you happy. Follow this link: on steps to follow doing that.
Putting a curse on someone is a long held belief and there are many laid procedures how to conduct it. There is no scientific proof of any of the procedures but it is morally evil. Based on the other beliefs, for example, karma laws, every curse you place comes back to you in greater multitude, so you better stay away from cursing others. Cursing someone is as good as cursing yourself because it all comes back to you.
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