How Do I Put Antifreeze in Radiator?


To put antifreeze in radiator, allow the engine to cool completely and remove the radiator cap. Place a filter and pour a gallon of antifreeze into the radiator followed by another gallon of distilled water. Return the cap and run he engine for some time, turn off the engine again and add an equal proportional amount of antifreeze and distilled water to top in the radiator and return the cap
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1. Allow the vehicle's cooling system to completely cool down. Opening a hot cooling system can result in serious burns or even death. 2. Remove the radiator cap, or coolant overflow
So that the water used as coolant in most car radiators does not freeze overnight. If it does then, because ice expands as it freezes and melts, it can crack the engine block. The
The radiator is in the front of the car under the hood (the honeycomb-like structured box approx 3 inches thick and about 2 feet wide). There is no special radiator for the antifreeze
Antifreeze has it's own designated container in the radiator. This
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How to Put Antifreeze in Radiator
A car radiator must be filled with a mixture of equal parts coolant and distilled water in order for it to properly cool the vehicle's engine and related systems. If the system has too much coolant or too much water, the boiling point is altered and the... More »
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How much antifreeze a radiator holds depends on the radiator. Some hold around six quarts while other hold a lot more than that. The best thing to do is to look ...
The most common causes of leaking antifreeze from your car have to do with hoses and the radiator. You may have a cracked heater or radiator hose or possible a ...
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