How Do I Put Freon in My Car?


You should avoid putting the freon gas yourself but instead take it to a good a/c technician for proper and accurate amount of freon gas to be added. Problem in your a/c system could get worse if the wrong amount of freon gas is put or use green coolants.
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How to Put Freon in My Car
If your car's air conditioning system stops blowing cold air, chances are that you may need to add more freon. A mechanic can charge a lot of money to add freon, but the truth is that it is an easy task that you can do on your own. Freon can be bought in... More »
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To put Freon in an air conditioner you will need a Freon kit with compatible refrigerant, gloves, goggles, a mask and access to your air-conditioning unit. When ...
The kind of freon your car takes depends on when it was manufactured. Most newer cars use 134A freon. Most older cars use R12, which is very hard to find as it ...
It depends on what type of A/C you are referring to. A two ton air conditioner will need about 4 pounds of freon or refrigerant. Car a/cs will need about 3 12oz ...
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