How Do I Put in Rollers?


When putting in rollers, start by parting the hair using a long-tail comb to divide the hair into sections to roll. Hold the end of a divided section of hair and a roller and wrap the hair around the roller's centre. Continue with the process until you are done with all hair and then hold the rollers in place using clips or bobby pins.
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Divide the hair into 3 panels, divide into sections to insert rollers. Allow the hair to bend around the rollers turning them in the direction you would like the curls to go. Apply hair-spray to finish and hold hair on rollers, Use hair-dryer or dryer-with attachment to apply heat to the hair with the rollers inserted. cool the hair then remove the rollers
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Rollers are a great way to give your hair curl of body. Rollers work best on dry hair and are done in small sections. Lift the section of your hair and start the roller at the tip
1. Wash and condition your hair as normal. Those with long, thick hair can skip conditioning to avoid weighing down the hair. Instead, use a hair detangler or spray conditioner. Comb
they want straight hair.
Hair rollers are what girls use before in order to obtain curls. Nowadays, curls can be achieved with curling irons. However, some girls still prefer to use hair rollers instead of
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You curl a medium length hair just as any other type of hair. The difference depends on how much volume you want on the hair. Larger rollers make bigger curls, ...
To put rollers in your hair you will begin by combing out your hair. Carefully remove any snarls from your hair. Dampen the hair to make it easier to work with ...
Wash your hair at night, and after that, you towel dry it until it almost dries. Divide your hair using a comb into 4 sections and roll on the Velcro rollers. ...
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