How Do I Put Music on My iPod?


You can use iTunes to put music into your iPod. Simply drag songs to iTunes and connect the ipod. Then, sync the ipod with the new play list in iTunes and you will have all the songs you need after the sync is complete.
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Putting music on your iPod requires iTunes and a USB connection cord. You add the music from your computer to your iTunes library, then sync your iPod. You'll then have music on it. You can find more information at support. apple. com/kb/ht1351
You have to have an iTunes account to put music on your iPod. Once your account is set up and you have music downloaded to iTunes, connect your iPod to the computer and click on sync to put the music onto your iPod.
You use iTunes to put music on your iPod. Download iTunes to your computer, then connect your iPod. Go to your iTunes library and click on the music you want to put on your iPod.
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The simplest way to put music on your iPod is to install iTunes on your computer, you can get iTunes from or the CD that came with your iPod. once you have iTunes installed
1. Connect your Apple iPod to your computer or laptop using the USB cord that came with the iPod. If this is the first time you've connected it to your PC, you may get a message asking
1 Download or update iTunes from Apple . 2 Make a Playlist of your favorite songs . 3 Drag and drop the playlist to the shuffle icon . 4 Wait
Putting music onto an MP3 player is typically very easy to do. Most of these simply require you to drag and drop the files you wish to add. However, many others require certain programs
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To put music on your iPod shuffle you have to connect it to your computer using a USB cord. Then you can add music files to it using iTunes (which is also free ...
To put music on your ipod, you must first download itunes to your computer. Move the music on your PC into itunes, then plug in your ipod and sync it to your itunes ...
To put music on iPod, you will need the Apple Deck Connector which connects to the computer. Once the connection has been made, you can add the music to the iPod ...
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