How Do I Put My Nose Ring Back in?


You can put your nose ring back in by putting through the hole like you did before. If the hole has closed up, you need to get the piercing over again. You could try a different ring to use.
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1. Clean the piercing thoroughly using a gentle cleaning solution. You can find a cleaning solution designed for nose piercings at your local piercing shop or online. 2. Place the
1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Ad. 2. Clean your nose ring with water and soap, make sure there's no residue on it. This is not like cleaning your earrings, don't use
Body piercings, rings and earrings can now be worn in different parts of the body. It takes a while for the wound to heal and it requires proper care and cleaning. Nose piercing is
If you are having issues getting the jewellery back in go see your piercer. They will use and insertion taper to ease the jewellery back in for you.
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To put in a corkscrew nose ring, turn the nose ring sideways to wear the pointed side of the nose ring is facing down. Place the pointed side into the hole in ...
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