How Do I Put on a Condom Video?


There are various sites where you can get videos on how to put on a condom. Some of the sites where you van view the videos include youtube, howcast, mertacafe and thesite among others. Just use the 'Search' tabs on the various sites to identify the video you are interested in.
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PSP can be connected to PC via USB cable and video files can be copied. Also using integrated WiFi, videos can be downloaded from internet.
Wait until the penis is partially or fully erect before attempting to put on a condom. Carefully open the condom wrapper without tearing the condom. Condoms are easily torn or punctured
Have you ever wondered, how do I put YouTube videos on my PSP? Often asked, the question has an amazingly simple answer. PSP stands for PlayStation Portable, which is a handheld gaming
Open the condom, put the condom on the head of the penis, and roll down. First answer by Asiamack1. Last edit by Asiamack1. Contributor trust: 1 [recommend contributor]. Question
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When using a condom, you should open the packet carefully not to tear the condom that’s inside and also you will need an erect penis to put it on. Hold the ...
To put on a condom, place the rolled condom over the tip of the erect penis. Pinch the tip of the condom to leave about 1/2 inch of space. Then slowly roll the ...
Condoms can work in water if you put them on prior to getting into the water. Also, if that water contains chemicals for instance chlorine or additives like soap ...
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