How Do I Put Songs on My iPod without Using iTunes?


Download SharePod using the link in Resources. This is a free, portable program that requires no installation. Double-click on 'SharePod.exe' to launch the program.Click on 'Copy to iPod' in the menu bar. Click on 'Add Files' or 'Add Folder' to select the files you want on your iPod. Click 'OK' and the songs will be uploaded to your iPod.
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1. Direct your Web browser to the "" website and download the YamiPod program; versions are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. This free program supports adding
Using iTunes is the only way to put the music onto your iPod.
If the music is in MP4 format, congrats! If not, gee, that sucks. Try MP3, MPEG, or any other format that you can comvert to MP4 later on. Save it into a file, and rename it. Rename
1. Get your iPod touch and your charger. 2. Go onto the Internet and go onto copy trans manger download this click on copy trans and click copy trans manger(free) It will say it is
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One can add music to the ipod by downloading the iShuffle ZIP then unziping it to the root of the iPod Shuffle ( ...
To put video on the iPod Nano, open iTunes and select Movies. Import the movies under the File menu, then select the movie and go to Advanced, then Convert. You ...
Connect your iPod shuffle to your PC using the data cable. Open iTunes and select iPod icon to open a list of music stored in your iPod. Select all or one by one ...
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