How Do I Put Sound Back on My Computer?


There are times when sound does not come from a computer even after you instruct it to, when that happens you should:- Check the Speaker mark on your right side of task bar corner. If you can see, than check by increasing and with other settings,If the speaker is not locating on the corner, go to control panel , sound ,here u can see the speaker mark, open it, if u can see all tablets working, or you can make changes with that.If those radio buttons are not working, then check that sound driver is installed or not, Then you install it if it is not installed.
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1. Turn off the computer and unplug it from the AC mains. To prevent injury and damage to the device, never attempt to disassemble electronic devices with a power source. Open the
you need to reinstall the audio driver.… Go To this site and under audio select download from. Then select a server which one doesnt
Sound is processed in the sound card of the computer. It then sends signals to the speakers. The speakers vibrate and make the actual sounds that you hear.
You will not be able to enable your
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