How do I redye leather shoes?


You can re dye leather shoes with a bit of work. You will need to clean the shoes completely. Remove the finish from the leather. Soak a rag in the intermediate shade of the dye. Give the shoes a first coat of leather dye. Evenly apply the dye and then rub off the excess with a cloth. Apply more coats if necessary. Soak a clean cloth in the last dye color. Carefully apply to all areas on the shoe. Wipe off any excess and repeat. Shoe polish your new shoes and you are done.
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When you want to re-dye your leather shoes, get some dye remover and treat your shoes with this first. Now pick out the color you want and go ahead and re-dye them.
My suggestion on how to re dye leather shoes it not to do it yourself. You could end up damaging the shoes. I would take it to a professional that will make sure that the shoes are dyed correctly.
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