How Do I Read Blood Work Abbreviations?


To read blood work abbreviations well sometimes you have to go to college. You can learn all the pharmacology language and abbreviations needed to work in the health occupation.
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Blood work results will usually be "qualitative" or "quantitative", meaning a specific result will be positive or negative (qualitative) or a number (quantitative
1. Recognize the basics: r(s) = ring(s) ch(s) = chain(s) p(s) = picot(s) Picots can be: sm p = small picot; lg p = large picot; or designated by just a - (dash) = picot. 2. Learn
Learn how to take a blood pressure reading if you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with blood pressure issues and you may spot problems before they become life threatening
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Blood work is a laboratory test that is performed on a blood sample, and is extracted from a vein in the arm using a needle in a doctor's office. According to ...
According to ...
Well this depends on what type of blood work you are getting. Blood work can be anything from cholesterol, HIV, diabetes, blood type, white blood cells, etc. And ...
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