How Do I Reboot My Laptop?


If you're running any Windows operating system, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE. It will give you three options. Select the Restart option. Alternatively, press and hold the Power button until the computer goes off. Unplug it from the mains/remove the battery and allow it to cool down. After a few minutes, you may attempt to restart your computer.
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Go to your computers start menu. From there hit 'shut down'. Instead of hitting shut down in the menu, hit restart and the computer will then reboot/restart for you.
How you reboot your laptop depends on what operating system it is running. Usually, you simply click on the Start button, the click the arrow button to the bottom right. You then select Shutdown or Reboot. The options may be slightly different on older operating systems.
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To reboot a laptop you can either use the power button or windows restart. To use the power button push it in and hold it for just a second. This generally just reboots the laptop
1. Press the power button. A window will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to shut down your computer now? You can choose between Restart, Sleep, or Shut Down. If you choose
1 Navigate to the menu bar on your computer screen. By default, the menu bar is located along the top of your screen, and contains menu options such as "Finder," "File
Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, click on Shutdown, pick Restart, and wait. If you need to do a cold reboot, do the above, but pick Shutdown. When the machine turns off, remove its battery for 15
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You can reboot your laptop by going to the start menu and going to shut down and choosing to restart. You can also click on CTRL +ALT +DEL at the same time twice ...
If you need to reboot a Dell laptop running the Windows operating system, click on Start, then Turn Off The Computer. Choose the option to Restart. The actual ...
1. Click on "Start" in the lower right corner. 2. Select the "Shut Down" button and a blue box appears in the center of your screen. 3. Click ...
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