How Do I Refill Lexmark Cartridges?


To refill Lexmark cartridges, clip the ink cartridge into the refill clip and attach the sticker showing the position of holes through which the ink is to be injected. Using the syringe, fit the needle into the ink plunger, remove the safety sheath and press the needle into the ink injection hole. Finally, clean the nozzle and clean away any excess ink from around the nozzle.
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1. Remove the empty cartridge from your printer and place it onto some paper towels so it stands upright. 2. Carefully peel off the label on the top of the Lexmark cartridge. 3. Fill
To refill a Lexmark ink cartridge, you can easily pry the top lid portion of the cartridge off, and drill a small hole in the top. Use the needle that comes with the ink refill solution
You don't. #28 is not refillable. Try #28A or #34 in stead.
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It is not only environmentally a good idea to refill ink cartridges, but it is economically a good idea. You can easily refill a Lexmark Inkjet Cartridge with ...
Refilling Lexmark ink cartridges is easy. You need to simply buy replacement ink to pour into the cartridges. You can find cheap refills. For more information ...
To fill a Lexmark ink cartridge you will first need to find the fill hole. Then take the syringe that came with your refill kit and place 5 cc of black ink into ...
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