How Do I Refill My Cars Coolant?


First you should make sure your car engine is cool. Open the hood of your car to find the coolant reserve container, it is a clear plastic tank that has hoses that connect to your carÕs radiator. It will also have lines on it to show you whether your fluid levels are high or low. Unscrew the cap and pour the Antifreeze/Coolant in and then screw the cap back on.
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1. Place your hand on the hood of your vehicle to make sure the car engine is cool. If the hood of the vehicle is warm or steam is coming from under the hood, wait until the engine
Finding out what kind of coolant your car needs recently got a little trickier. There are three different colors of coolant for cars now and they are made for different types of cars
Hello, your car has a reservoir tank were you put the coolant in at all you have to do is start your car and it'll draw coolant from there after your car runs a few minutes check
Go to your local HVAC shop, or even an auto parts store, and talk to the guys there. They can give you pointers and tell you where to get parts and coolant locally. As there is obvioisly
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When you are needing to refill the engine coolant on a 1999 Chevy Malibu first make sure the car is off and the radiator is cool. You will then unscrew the cap ...
1. Locate the coolant reservoir behind the passenger side headlight. Open the reservoir cap. 2. Add an equal amount of water to the pure coolant to be used. Measure ...
To change coolant in your car is a easily, safe, do it yourself project. Make sure your car if off at all times during the project. You will need new coolant to ...
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