How Do I Register a Domain Name in the UK?


To register a domain name in UK, you can search online for any domain provider like: 123-REG, GBBO, or Freelance UK and choose a name that is easy to remember, short and if possible the name representing your website. Check if a domain name is available by using the domain checker tool by simply typing the name you want into the search box and if it is available, it is going to be your domain name. Your domain name may take approximately 48hrs to complete the registration process.
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How to Register a Domain Name in the UK
There is a very wide selection when it comes to domain name extensions. Almost every country has an extension reserved just for itself. The United Kingdom has the .uk extension. In order to use this extension your website must be based inside the United... More »
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1. Research the appropriate domain name that suits your needs best. Keep in mind that .uk is a second-level domain name extension (for example, or instead of just .
Internet web site domain names are registered by completing an application, and paying a fee on a domain name registrar's web page. GoDaddy, NameSecure, and Network Solutions are
In order to register a domain name you must purchase it from one of the many sites that offer hosting services. Examples include, net2, godaddy, networksolutions,nominet, fasthosts,
1. Choose a country-code top-level domain extension for your domain registration. Each country has a ccTLD. For example, there is .uk for the
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To register a domain name, decide and choose a name that best describes your website, check its availability and then pay it. This is usually done with the help ...
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