How Do I Remove a Loose Toenail?


If the toenail is completely loose and dangling, remove it, and wash the nail bed with hdrogen peroxide to avoid infection. If the toenail is partially off, cut off the part carefully, and wash the nail bed using hydrogen peroxide. Where the nail has turned purple, that means that there is blood trapped underneath the nail. You need to seek emergency treatment as soon as possible.
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1. Cut the toenail as short as possible without lifting the nail any further. This makes it less likely to tear the toenail from the nail bed, which can be extremely painful. 2. Use
1. Clean the area with soap and water followed by isopropyl alcohol. Ad. 2. Remove any dead skin around the area. 3. Pull the nail up as far as possible with tweezers. 4. Clear any
You can go swimming as soon as the skin is completely healed. An open wound has a chance of getting infected. Embed Quote This answer is not a substitute for professional medical
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