How Do I Remove a Name off My Deeds to the House?


The three ways in which you can get a name removed from the title deed include: Request the other party to remove your name, or to have his/her name removed. Secondly, you can have the property refinanced under one name only. Thirdly, you can sell the property and have the mortgage paid off at the sale. Consult your attorney for more advice.
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1. Offer to buy the other party out, and have him or her sign a quit claim deed. This is a legal document transferring his (the grantor) share of interest in the house to you (the
Check with your local recorder. But, probably you'll need the death certificate and a notation "with right of survival" with your name on the present deed. Either that,
You can't - the home is now in his name, too. You guys will have to go to court. If he's refusing, you guys will either have to sell the home and split the money, or you will have
I am a Florida licensed attorney so my answer will be as to general real estate and guardianship law. You cannot unilaterally "remove" someone name from the title to your
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In order to remove a person's name from a deed, you have to fill out a quitclaim deed form. Fill out this form without the person's name on it and have the form ...
To remove a name from a house title after death you will need to contact your mortgage company. If you have no mortgage and own the home outright, then you will ...
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