How Do I Remove a Water Stain from a Dry Clean Only Fabric?


If it's a dry clean only fabric then you should probably follow the washing instructions and send it to the dry cleaner. They have specific machinery that is made for such garments.
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1. Open out an old towel and spread it over your ironing board to cover as much surface as you need for the item you will be working with. 2. Turn your item inside out so the stained
My Laundry Question. My husbands wool suit pants got sterno (food warmer) fuel spilled on them. I used a detergent on the stained area which removed the pink color, but the spots
Dry cleaning remove grease and dirt by using ultrasonicwave.
The garment should be taken to the cleaners promptly. Even
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To remove water stains from fabric, you will need step-by-step instructions. To accomplish this task, a towel, wet cloth, iron, and maybe a spoon is required. ...
To remove Lily stains from fabric sponge it, flush it with a dry cleaning solvent and let it dry. Afterwards, rub the stain area using detergent and clean the ...
To remove water stains from cotton a person can use a clean, white towel and an iron. Place the cotton with the damp side on the towel, and use an iron at medium ...
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