How do I remove color that bled into fabric?


Removing color that bled onto fabric involves a number of solutions. This involves separating clothes to identify those affected by placing them back into the washing machine, add 8 oz of chlorine bleach for white clothes or 8 oz of color bleach for colored ones. Agitate for five minutes and allow it to soak for ten minutes to ensure color bleeding onto fabric has been resolved. Use a special dye remover to get rid of stubborn staining that may persist with either RIT dye fixative or Synthrapol detergent. Launder again to ensure stain is gone before drying the fabric.
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Most people have had to deal with figuring out how to remove color that has bled onto the fabric of clothing. Some new clothing items may have not received the proper dye setting and therefore bleed onto the fabric o other clothing. Some of these stains require professional dry cleaning, while others can be removed with home remedies. It is important to pull all stained clothing out of the wash before placing in the dryer. Rewash the stained item in cold water immediately. If this seems to be lightening the stain, keep repeating until all of the dye has been removed. A color safe bleach can also be used in the wash, once most of the stain is gone.
It is always best to wash these types of clothes in cold water with color safe bleach if needed. Try re soaking and rinsing the fabric in cold water while lightly scrubbing the stain with a cloth. If that does not work try using Rit Dye fixative, Clorox 2 according to directions. Try rewashing these types of clothes with Retayne anti bleeding rinse that is found in some craft and cloth stores or online.
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