How Do I Remove Copier Toner from Clothing?


The powder in a copier toner consists of pigments and resins. As much of it as possible should be removed from clothing by dry methods like shaking and vacuuming. The rest may be washed off in cold water.
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1. Remove the article of clothing as soon as possible. The sooner you attend to this, the less likely the toner will spread all over or settle into the fabric. Shake it vigorously
Get a little dish soap and scrub a little with water.
Toshiba e-studio 181 toner indication patmanent still.
Oxi clean is the best, but if its white, use lemon juice. Anonymous
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How to Remove Copier Toner From Clothing
Copier toner is a powder containing pigments and resins. Toner melts when heated, which is how it bonds firmly to paper during the printing process. When toner gets on clothing (which can happen easily), it won't form an indelible bond immediately; the... More »
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