How Do I Remove Mold from Vinyl Boat Seats?


To remove mold from vinyl boat seats use black streak remover, spray nine cleaner or any citrus based cleansers. Apply the cleanser and let it rest for a while so that the cleanser can work. Use a brush with soft bristles to scrub the mold. And then use a clean dry cloth to wipe off the mold and the cleanser.
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1. Mix 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 1 cup of mild liquid soap into a 1-gallon bucket of water. Mix the solution, but stop as soon as suds begin to form. 2. Dip a clean cloth in the
Tilex. Then rinse, but don't use ArmorAll afterwards. Get Meguiars rubber and vinyl #57 (RV and Marine)
the best thing is black streak remover. a very good product for 20.00 from west marine. works great for the outside such as topsides!
You can treat the mold with pretty much anything. Depending on the color of the seats, you may want to steer away from bleach, also bleach may be a little harsh on the material and
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How Do I Remove Mold From Vinyl Boat Seats?
Boats live a wet environment and, unless they are cleaned, dried and aired out often, will develop mold. Anywhere food or other organic material has been eaten, stored or casually dropped can end up covered with mold if the environment is dark and damp... More »
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It is according to the type of stain on a boats vinyl seat as to the best way to remove them. Some stains can be removed by using a special vinyl seat cleaner, ...
There are vinyl cleaning products available that also contain UV protectants. Wiping the seats with a damp cloth is often enough if you treat regularly with protectant ...
To get mold off of vinyl seats, first remove loose dirt from the seats using a vacuum cleaner and scrub the mold areas using soapy water to remove stains. Mix ...
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