How Do I Remove Scratches from Alloy Wheels?


Metal polish is one of the most popular products for removing scratches from alloy wheels. Begin by suing a mixture of soap and warm water to clean the alloys off any dirt and debris. Dub the wheels dry while giving special attention to the scratched parts. Take a small amount of metal polish on a towel and polish in areas of about 10 centimetres at a time. Make sure the whole scratch is covered. Do this in a circular motion until all scratches are covered. Finally dub off the alloy wheels with a clean towel and your wheels will be looking sparkling new.
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How to Remove Scratches From Alloy Wheels
Alloy wheels are fancy, sporty wheels that are generally an option at most automobile dealerships. These aluminum wheels have replaced the less expensive steel wheels as the wheel of choice for many who are concerned about the appearance and... More »
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You can fix scratches on your alloy wheels by cleaning the damaged area thoroughly with a clean cloth. Tape a newspaper around the tyre and then use 240 grit sandpaper ...
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