How Do I Remove T Mobile Content Lock?


To remove a Tmobile content lock, call 1818 from your T-Mobile phone and enter in your credit card details, or enter your credit card details in the web page that appears when you access a site blocked by Content Lock, visit a T-Mobile store with a proof of ID such as a. driving licence, credit card or passport to get unlocking help or call 150 from your T mobile.
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1. Turn your T-Mobile phone on. 2. Dial 181818. 3. Follow the steps over the phone to confirm the user is over the age of 18 and is able to access restricted websites. 4. Go to the
You may need to contact t-mobile and see if they are able to unlock your phone. They may have the ability to give you an unllock code that is entered into the device.
Install Hotspot shield it allows you to get on youtube, Msn, and even torrents.
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