How do I remove wax from laundry?


Candle wax stains can be removed by using paper towels and a hot iron. Other methods for removing wax from laundry include using ice cubes and wax stain removers.

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1. Flake away as much of the excess wax as you can using a dull knife. 2. Place the garment in a freezer for several days to allow the wax to harden and dry out. Remove from the freezer
If your wax problem is on a heat-safe, non-porous surface, you are in luck. Warm the wax splotch with the heat from your hair dryer. Use the lowest setting that is effective. Once
1. Remove all urine from clothing. Use a rag or paper towel to soak up the urine before attempting to wash it. 2. Wash urine stained clothing in the washer with the hottest water
1. Pick away at the wax with your fingers to try to remove as much wax as possible. You can sometimes peel it away in layers until it is almost all gone. 2. Place ice in a small plastic
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