How do I remove wax from laundry?


Candle wax stains can be removed by using paper towels and a hot iron. Other methods for removing wax from laundry include using ice cubes and wax stain removers.

To remove a wax stain using the paper towels and hot iron method, place several paper towels over the stain, and then heat the iron. Press the hot iron over the paper towels several times until the wax under melts and gets absorbed by the paper. Repeat the process a couple times to ensure all the wax is absorbed. Finish by washing the fabric with a normal detergent to get rid of any remaining wax and paper towel residue.

To remove wax from laundry using ice cubes, freeze the wax while it is still hot, then remove the frozen residue with a knife or fingernails. After removing, wash the fabric with a normal detergent to remove any remaining residue.

A chemical wax remover can be used dissolve and remove wax from clothing. To achieve this, apply a little wax remover on the stain and wait 30 minutes or more for the mixture to dissolve. Once the wax is removed, wash the fabric with normal detergent to completely remove the chemicals from it.

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