How Do I Remove Windows XP from My PC?


To remove window XP from your computer you first reboot your computer and restart it in safe mode by pressing the 'F8' key repeatedly. Then login into the administrator account and click the star button. Go to the control panel option and double click on add or remove programs then select uninstall window XP and click 'Yes' when asked to uninstall.
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1. Restart the computer and hold down the "F8" key a few seconds after the computer screen goes blank. 2. Click on a user account that is set as an "administrator"
To remove it you have to go to cnet (see Related Links below) and download the Unlocker tool. once you downloaded and installed that, press "windows key + F" and type in
1. Reboot the system & change the BIOS (typically you can enter the bios by pressing F7, F2, F12 or delete key depending on your system) to boot from CDROM as the first boot device
1. Make a list of all programs you have installed on your computer. You'll use this checklist after you've installed Vista on your computer. 2. Locate all data files on Windows XP
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How to Remove Windows XP From My PC
The Windows XP operating system can be removed to allow a previously installed operating system to become the primary operating system. It can also be erased when upgrading to another operating system. Both options are addressed in this article. Note... More »
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